Welcome to the most extensive catalog of international beaches ever made. Our thorough and illuminating list provides travelers with a one-stop resource for the most enchanting and exotic shores in the world. This is a list that’s sure to ignite your wanderlust and inspire the planning of your next great beach adventure.


Sponsored by FlightNetwork, we crafted The World’s Best Beaches for 2020©, that highlights the best beaches on almost all continents, by conferring with over 1200 journalists, editors, bloggers, and agencies, who possess endless travel wisdom. The insights we received helped us create a list of beaches that will help travelers access shores that will leave a magical and indelible imprint.


Peruse through the 411 beach collection with everything from red sand beaches in Crete, and dazzlingly clear waters in Micronesia, to Jurassic-like shore in Bali, and a lush, exquisitely unique aquatic world in Rio de Janeiro. Dive into this list and receive the know-how to locate the ultimate coastlines in Africa, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, North America, and South America.